3 worlds and 3 parts too the soul

January 15, 2011
Two new pictures I posted one of 3 worlds, the corporeal,the subtle(gateway) and the incoporeal. A true meditator will travel these 3 worlds in there meditation finally experiencing themselves as a Point of Light like God and completely Peaceful and Cheerful in all circumstances, because too achieve this would also called being all knowledgeful
On the otherhand the second Picture shows a female figure with the soul located behind the eyes and the 3 powers of the soul. The mind ,intellect and subconscious mind (hindi man,buddhi and sanskaras) in deep meditation the memory of me being a point of light will be accessed in the sanskaras and I will begin too express that renewed experience into my life ,my activity and my attitude(vritti) thus my actions will eventually become divine and my sins(karmic accounts) purified, though less advanced souls can only purify there sins through suffering and some meditation if they feel they can achieve that.

The Seer of the 3 Aspects of time

December 14, 2009
In Ancient Hinduism they mention opening the third eye of knowledge, they also mention Shankar the destroyer of the world opening his 3rd eye, and in the Gita the Indian scripture it mentions being Trikaldarshi being able too see the past the present and the future. Archimedes the Greek philosopher created the idea of numerology based on the premise that time repeats identically, in fact he said to one of his students "As I am teaching you now so I again will teach you exactly again in the fu...
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Daniel Healy I am an unpaid charity worker who lives at the Centre for Spiritual Learning in the Blue Mountains, Leura, Sydney, Australia who specializes in understanding Angelic signals and soul consciousness


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