The Supreme Father Supreme Soul otherwise known as Shiva Baba, the World Benefactor Father 

In India mainly but also in other parts of the world Shiva Lingums can be found with offerings all round them.

They consist of 2 parts, a lingum or  phalnx and a yoni, representing the male and female together, because Shiva is remembered as being both male and female together. Some lingums are carved out of ice ,some can be found in necklaces. Traditionally milk is poured on them representing creation. Pilgrims will at times go on great journeys too pay homage too these representations of God, but where did this idea originate from? 

In the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University we have been let in the Ancient secrets of these forms of Bhakti, because God Shiva himself has descended from Paramdam into the chariot of a diamond merchant, Dada Lekraj, since 1937 and has revealed the true knowledge of the Gita, in 1969 the chariot of Brahma Baba (Dada Lekraj) was replaced by a Sister( Dadi Gulzar) who is the new chariot which both Shva Baba and the soul of Brahma Baba use until this day, at the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in Mt Abu , Rajasthan, India. This is why in good Shiva temples they have the Shiva Lingum(God) then Nandi the cow(Brahma Baba) and a third ,a tortoise(Dadi Gulzar, they are the memorial of this time 

So the Supreme Soul, Shiva baba, has described himself as a living point of light, always perfect, who never takes birth or death, a Jyoti Lingum. Not omnipresent but who resides in Paramdam the land of silence, where all souls reside. The true home. But once every Kalpa, every 5000 years he descends too take all human souls back home. This is an image of him. 

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