Are you always checking your clock or wrist watch? Always running behind schedule, or checking your schedule, feeling the pinch. Who designated time anyhow in seconds and minutes and hours and days and years. The calender is useful for creating rythm and pattern in your life, keeping dates with others, with the self, with the world, but shortly time is going too run out of time. What then? 

This is a real clock of time it is exactly 5000 years time spam, it was created in the late 1930's in Karachi India, and  its source comes via a medium from the Supreme Father Supreme Soul God. At this moment we are at 11.59 and 30 seconds on this huge clock 

 So time as you and I know it is quickly running out and soon it will be time for all souls too return home too soul world, have you finished all your business and outstanding accounts? Think about it, have you resolved your issues?

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